Server Management

Server management services help administrators to offload the direct responsibility for managing certain attributes of a given server. Depending on the type of server, there are different types of services that can be offered.

For hardware, server management can involve a fully managed service, where the service provider is responsible for the physical and software management of the server.

For web and application servers, server management at a hosting provider or in the cloud involves the management and maintenance of the core server software. It can often also include security as well as backup services for stability and overall resilience.

Server management services can also help organizations to identify the best server applications and perform server software comparisons.

Benefits of Server Management Services

There are a number of different reasons why you should consider using server management services. The best server monitoring software is only as good as the skill of the person using the software. And when some server management is shifted to a service – that is dedicated to managing servers professionally – there are multiple benefits to be had:

  • Skills and Experience:Finding the right staff with the required skills and experience for different server management tasks can be challenging.
  • Operational Costs:Many server management services are subscription-based with a monthly or yearly operational cost that may well be more cost-effective than ramping up an internal capability.
  • Scale:Managing servers at a large scale can often require monitoring and management at scale as well, which is something that a server management service can provide.
  • Support:On-call support with guaranteed response times is often a core benefit offered by the best server management services.
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