Role Of Extracurricular Activities In Career Guidance:

Extracurricular activities anicha digital

Extracurricular activities are also important, same as curricular activities. It plays an important role in a student’s career because they provide opportunities for them to learn and develop skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and time management from the group of people they are associated with.

Some of the benefits of extracurricular activities include:

  • Building self-esteem and confidence.
  • Exploring interests and discovering new passions.
  • Enhancing time management and organizational skills.
  • Improving physical health and wellness.
  • Building relationships and networks.
  • Providing opportunities for personal growth and development.

Let us see how the extracurricular activities helps student in different
ways in detail:

Improved Academic Performance:
Research has shown that students who participated in extracurricular or co-curricular activities have shown improvement in academic grades. This is because of their improved time management, increased motivation, better focus, positive attitude and applying different skills in their academic work.
Social Opportunities:
Extracurricular activities provide different social opportunities for children like building friendship with students having similar interests, developing team work, improving communication, encouraging diversity and enhancing leadership skill.
Higher Self-Esteem:
Extracurricular activities can keep children afloat with positive self-esteem. It gives students a sense of purpose and helps them feel more fulfilled, also reinforces a student’s positive qualities when getting positive feedback from teachers, peers or coaches. When children achieve success through the extracurricular activities they are passionate about, their self-confidence will improve. 
Learn Time Management: 
Through extracurricular activities children improve their time management skills. Children learn to balance multiple responsibilities, improve planning and organization skills, avoid procrastination, build discipline and develop a routine to manage their time.
Enhancing Resumes:
Achievements in extracurricular activities are great to include on a resume as evidence of well-rounded individuals which employers often look for. It demonstrates leadership, initiative, and dedication of students outside of the classroom.
Learn Essential Life Skills:
One of the top benefits of extracurricular activities is that children learn important skills that include goal setting, teamwork, critical thinking, and public speaking. Moreover, children who participate in extracurricular activities help them overcome peer pressure related problems.
Enhances The Sense Of Commitment:
Extracurricular activities are the best way to develop the ability to fulfill commitments. Students who participate in activities beyond the academic curriculum dedicate their time and manage the school work as well as co-curricular works. This improves their sense of commitment which helps them in the long run.
Introduction To New Views:
Students who engage in extracurricular activities are exposed to new activities and also allow them to explore an interest in more depth. These activities can also provide a chance for children to broaden their perspective of the world, particularly those involved in volunteering and service programs. Research studies suggest that extracurricular activities help children learn to take care of their friends. However, children develop this attitude gradually with time.
When career guidance and extracurricular activities are combined, they can provide students with a more comprehensive and holistic approach to their future careers, helping them to make informed decisions about their education and employment paths.

Therefore, career guidance and extracurricular activities can complement each other and work together to provide students with the tools and experiences they need to achieve their career goals.

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