Drawing Competition Conducted by Anicha Digital Infrastructure Pvt Ltd as part of our Campuzone product.

Drawing competition Anicha digital

When we think of children, we think of agility and dynamism. They tired us out with the questions of what this and that is. A child’s universe is endless. In the early days after returning from school, children gather with their friends and play kabadi, hide and seek, fly kites and listen to stories from their grandparents. This was our leisure activity. In this era, these have been changed as they started playing mobile games and computer games at home. Children should use their free time effectively.

Letting them stay as children is more important than the toys we buy, the food we give, the property savings and education. We need to stop our talking, allow them to talk and pay attention to them. Our approach to this has to be essential. Talk to children and these conversations will break heavy silences. Children have a realistic approach to everything. To bring out this, we should be a motivator for them rather than being parents and teachers.

It is our primary duty to teach children various non-academic subjects to spend their free time effectively. When we encourage children in different ways, we can bring out their diverse talents. Thus, to inspire the children our company team organized a drawing competition.The drawing which depicted clouds and rainbows gave us the real experience through the colors and the way it was drawn. Other drawings reflected the charm of children’s enthusiasm, creativity, patriotism and beautiful scenery.

On behalf of Anicha Digital Infrastructure, we the Anicha employees have organized a drawing competition at our locality on 17th September 2022. A total of 50 students studying in classes I to VIII belonging to various schools took part in the competition with enthusiasm. All the participants were provided with drawing materials. We encouraged them by giving gifts. The aim of this initiative is to identify the talents of the blooming kids and encourage them. We noticed that many students eagerly participated in the competition and exposed their innovative minds in the colourful drawings. 

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